Excellence Speaks: Kings Excellence Award, Winner’s Reviews

Kings Excellence Award

In a significant milestone, ASSA ABLOY, global leader in door access solutions, has received the esteemed King’s Excellence Award in the Security & Fire Safety domain. This prestigious award acknowledges ASSA ABLOY’s consistent dedication to ensuring the safety of lives and assets through quick, intuitive and innovative security solutions.

Fire safety regulations and standards ensure unrestricted and swift escape for the occupants, which requires seamless integration of access control technology without compromising on security. And thus, ASSA ABLOY with its range of access control solutions, ensures that individuals can safely exit during emergencies while maintaining stringent access control measures. This innovation represents guaranteeing optimal security without compromising on the safety of building occupants.

ASSA ABLOY makes a substantial enhancement to fire rated door assemblies by including locks with fail-safe mechanisms like electromagnetic, electrified locks and electrified exit devices that offer advanced security features, providing safe escape for human life. Accessories like emergency exit buttons with alarm systems, push buttons and break glass units implemented across diverse infrastructures provides added benefits of access control in fire-rated door systems.

A noteworthy facet is the seamless collaboration among the various skilled teams at ASSA ABLOY. Their attention to detail, coupled with insights about the building circulation, priority for safety of life and property giving them the motivation for creating safer environments, played a crucial role in meeting the high standards acknowledged by the King’s Excellence Award. Their diligent efforts exemplified the company’s competence and proficiency in the field of fire safety.

Says Mr.Vishal Maheshwari, Director & Head of Digital Access Solutions (MEIIA Region), “the award celebrated ASSA ABLOY’s holistic commitment to security & safety education and awareness. Through exhibitions and informative campaigns, we have empowered facility managers and end customers to take responsible and well-informed actions during fire & security emergencies. This approach resonated with ASSA ABLOY’s ethos of nurturing a safety-oriented culture within the broader community. ASSA ABLOY remains steadfast in its mission to elevate fire safety standards and positively impact lives on a global scale”.

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